It was 1948, and Byron, a 28 year old pawn broker, bought a one way ticket, for passage on the SS Windrush from Jamaica, final destination Britain. He left a wife and three children behind, to make his fortune in war torn London. Rumour had it that the streets there were paved with gold, and with a single £10 note in his pocket, a fire in his belly, and determination etched on his mind, he intended to stake his claim on the motherland.


Who was Byron, and what was the secret to his success? A black man arriving in a country with all its problems and racial undercurrents, he became the best friend to every immigrant looking for a safe haven in London. How was he able to stop 6 women from raising hell with each other, whilst keeping the peace long enough to raise his growing families.


The story takes us from the Fifties, the swinging 60’s, the groovy 70’s, the nostalgic 80’s the naughty 90’s through to the Millennium. Byron was the nice guy with the ever so slightly warped moral compass, but everybody liked him and all his women were well taken care of. Sisters’ weren’t his usual tipple, but it happens, and just so long as they didn’t know about each other, no harm no foul.


When his life ended, each of his 17 children were to inherit a considerable sum of money, but one of his women wanted it all, and her bitterness showed its face in the most catastrophic of ways, as she was prepared to stop at nothing to get what she wanted. The events that followed could never have been predicted… But Karma[sPause sec=0.8 ePause] is indeed, a beautiful thing.

The Truth About Byron

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  • This is a novel written by S. C. Irving, and every character is from a true event with some names changed to protect those who cannot defend themselves and those whose actions are defenseless