‘Men Behaving Really Badly’ compassionately provides understanding and empowerment for women in relationships that are contrary to their better health and well-being on a mental, physical, psychological and spiritual level.


Unfortunately, men who are unwilling to accept a woman’s equal standing will ultimately attempt to keep her in her place with abusive behavior. Sonia Irving is a woman who stepped out of that place to save herself and her life.


You’ll laugh and cry with her throughout this book as she shares unbelievable stories that will inspire women from all backgrounds to break the shackle molded by abusive partners.  


Written from first hand experience ‘Men Behaving Really Badly’ explores why women invest more love into men that don’t love them back, the affects of abuse on family life and many other intimate topics that can be too embarrassing or painful for victims of abuse to discuss with friends and family.

Men Behaving Really Badly

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  • Although intellectually aware that some men are incapable of controlling their emotions, psychologically I don't give a damn, and I will not take the time to forgive their abhorent behaviours.

    There are some of you who will see their behaviour as a sickness, however,  I see this as childish weakness and a desire to control what is not theirs to possess. Let's see whose theories make more sense.